Membership is easy. You have to be interested in planes, flying planes and most importunately having fun. You can come out to our flying field and meet the people and even fly a plane. Don’t worry that you have never have flown before or even have a plane to fly, we do. We have a club trainer and if that person is not there with the club plane most of us have trainers (high wing trainer plane) that we can teach you on. It is so much easier for someone to learn how to fly today. First the most of the new trainers come with a gyro built in them, which will help keep you from crashing. Second we can use what is call the buddy box. We can connect two radios together and the instructor has one and the student has one. This way is the student gets into trouble the instructor can take over.

Here we have 8 year old Jade learning how to fly. With in 15 min. she was on her own.

Once you set your sights on getting your own plane and want to join all you have to do is get you AMA card and your plane. The big question is how much is this going to cost you? Joining Signal Chasers is $100.00 for the first year, then $75.00 each year after. This pays for our lease on the site, insurance, maintenance of the field & supplies to keep the field in working order. Your AMA card will cost you from $20.00 for 3 month trial card up to $75.00 for a 1 year card. This also includes insurance and your monthly magazine. Now you want your first plane. There are many to choose from these days and they all fly themselves,, really…. We really like the E-flite Apprentice or the Flyzone Sensei FS Trainer. The best thing about the new trainers today is that they come with a Gyro built in them. You can also get the plane fully equipped with the motor, servos, and radio all in one price. I have seen these going for $275.00 – $300.00 and some of the shops on line like Tower Hobbies/Horizon Hobbies will allow you to make monthly payments.

If you would like to apply just click on give me a application, fill it our and come on out to the field.

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