Stabilization Systems and How They Work

Written by Lucas Weakley
As seen in the Fall 2016 issue of
Park Pilot.

Stabilization is a growing technology in the RC hobby. If you haven’t yet noticed, many of today’s expanding RC facets, such as multirotors, can be impossible to fly without their complex stabilization systems. You also might be surprised to learn that a lot of RTF (Ready to Fly) aircraft use some kind of stabilizer. Now, let’s take a look at how this happened and how stabilization works.

Stabilization systems consist of some kind of sensor, something to interpret the signals from that sensor (usually a small microprocessor), and a way to mix those signals into the physical controls of whatever is being stabilized. These parts work together to measure changes in motion and position in, for example, an RC aircraft. The information is used to dampen or correct for those changes. The sensor is the hard part, and what has become miniaturized, which I’ll discuss later.


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